Sabryia Reese (Information Technology - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: VizRT

I interned for a company called "VizRT" during the Spring 2012 semester. VizRT is a worldwide manufacturer of the software used by almost every TV station to display their graphics. If it was not for the internship program helping me to not only construct my resume, but also perfect my interviewing skills and send out my resume to this company, I may have never had a chance to experience what I have thus far.  At VizRT, I assemble the computers, imaged them with their software, installed the drivers and programs needed and shipped each of them out to television stations every day. I am honestly in love with this position and at the end of the internship I was offered a position to work here part-time making the most I have yet in my career. I have learned even greater dynamics of computers than I would have with just an education alone. On top of that, I am gaining the hands on experience I need if and when I do branch off from this company and embark on a greater journey.

I originally signed up for this program simply for the experience with no expectations at all and hoping to have something to do on my off time. I was a little skeptical at first, however, I can honestly say that the internship program helped me a great deal. The coordinators are actually concerned and do what they promise; only in turn asking for a certain level of communication. I recommend every student to take advantage of this opportunity!

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