Computer Software Technology 2.0

From DVRs to mobile phones, form digital thermostats to boilers, and from small robots to droids, the operation of the electronic devices and equipment as well as computers and databases rely on programs and programmers.The amount of available data, more than ever, requires intelligent programmers to make the relevant information available to users. In this major you are introduced to programming using Alice, a Carnegie Mellon developed “learning language”. You will learn how to create programs and debug them. You learn Oracle, C++, Visual Studio, Java, and embedded programming. After graduation from the CST program, you will be able to: • understand the common rules of computer programming in any language. • write simple programs in Visual Basic, Java, C++(classical or OOP). • establish and manage databases in Microsoft Access or Oracle. • Understand the basics of computer networking and programming micro controllers • write web pages in HTML.

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