Programs of Study

The Division of Business and Legal Studies*

John Luukkonen, Dean
212-594-4000, ext. 5762

The Division of Health Sciences and Technologies*

Gray Harriman, Dean
212-594-4000 ext. 5780

The Division of Engineering and Facilities Technologies*

Victor Brown, Dean
212-594-4000 ext. 5793

The Division of Arts and Sciences*

John Luukkonen, Dean
212-594-4000, ext. 5762

The Division of Arts and Sciences provides the coursework that augments and supports TCI’s major fields of study and the College’s overall mission. This Division provides College Prep, ESL classes and tutoring through the Learning Center.


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Distance Learning

Learn about hybrid learning options, allowing you combine hands-on classroom time with remote-access Internet assignments.

Gray Harriman, Dean of Institutional Development
212-594-4000 ext. 5780

Professional Development and Advanced Studies*

Inquire about non-degree courses supported by TCI Career Services and Academic Departments.

This service provides individuals working in the industry the opportunity to enhance their portfolio by taking targeted courses leading to industry recognized certificates and seminars for personal and professional growth. 

Clotilde Dillon, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs
212-594-4000 ext. 5770


* Not all programs offered at all times.

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