Ophthalmic Dispensing

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The Ophthalmic Dispenser (also known as the Optician) is an eye care professional who fills prescriptions for corrective eyewear, in accordance with an ophthalmologist’s or optometrist’s determination.

What You'll Learn

The Ophthalmic Dispensing program combines an in-depth study of optics and medical anatomy with dispensing knowledge and finishing skills so that graduates have the ability to provide patients with suitable, well-fitted eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The program prepares the student for national certifying examinations given by the American Board of Optician and The National Contact Lens Examiners.

What You'll Get at TCI

On-campus laboratories and dispensaries resemble those encountered in the optical industry. An on-site clinical internship provides patient contact and dispensing experience.

Students train on state-of-the-industry instrumentation and machinery, gaining competence in all aspects of optician, from fabrication to the dispensing of the finished product.

After Completing the Program

Certification and graduation establish eligibility for entrance to the New York State Professional Licensing Examination for Ophthalmic Dispensing. 

Our Graduates*

After completing the Ophthalmic Dispensing program:

  • 15 graduates took the certification exam given by the American Board of Opticianry; 15 passed (100%)
  • 1 graduate took the optional certification exam given by the National Contact Lens Examiners; 0 passed (0%)
  • 11 graduates took NYS’s Licensing Examination; 10 passed (91%)
  • 12 graduates are employed in the opticianry profession or are taking further education (75%)

  * For the program’s entering cohort in Fall 2012

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