High School Graduates / GED Recipients

For more than 100 years, TCI-The College of Technology, has inspired students in college career paths to lead brighter and more fulfilling futures. With 14 academic degree programs and 3 certificate programs that focus on health sciences, business, digital media, facilities management, technology, engineering and many other career paths.

TCI is unique in that it blends theory with application and focuses on teaching skills requested by employers within the industry.  President Talbot says, “With technology driving so many changes in the workplace, I want our graduates to learn how to learn, and to communicate effectively using technology, so that they may have a competitive advantage when seeking employment or continuing their education.”  

TCI uses laptop computers, virtual simulations, and eBooks in addition to traditional learning methods to train and prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields.In addition student have access to advanced learning media tools that complement classroom lectures and lab activities. Founded by Nobel Prize recipient Guglielmo Marconi, TCI continues to be a prominent center for education and development with a location in midtown Manhattan.

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