Facilities Technologies

Welcome to our Associate Degree Programs in Facilities Technologies:

Our programs are designed to meet the industry needs by providing technically competent professionals to support the array of building types in New York City. Our curriculum is a unique balance of theoretical principles and technical laboratories employing real building components. Our students leave TCI with a range of competencies allowing them to work in  facilities as both technical and managerial professionals.

Over 50% of the faculty are professionals currently working in  industry. The classroom experience is enhanced by participation in student clubs and industry networking opportunities. TCI sponsors student associations in American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, International Facilities Management Association and participate in annual expositions and conferences 

Many past graduates are working professionals in New York City and actively support and hire our students. Currently, TCI graduates find employment under a wide range of job titles.

IFMA Accreditation

The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) is a global industry organization that provides networking and training for facility professionals. The IFMA Foundation sets standards for educational programs in fourteen competency areas ranging from technical skills to personnel management. As the first two year program in New York City to be granted Provisional Accreditation, IFMA has recognized that TCI’s unique program provides trained professionals to replace the aging workforce in facilities nationwide.






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