Disability Services

The mission of Office of Disability Services (“ODS”) is to assist TCI in ensuring that students with disabilities are given access to the same, or equal, educational opportunities available to other TCI students, as mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (together referred to as the “ADA”).  Guidance and assistance is provided to both students with disabilities and to all others in the TCI campus community so that students are not discriminated against due to their disability, in policies, procedures, and practices of TCI.

In addition, the college recognizes that compliance with the ADA requires the awareness and cooperation of all employees and the commitment of institutional resources.  Accordingly, our mission requires the ODS to continually evaluate compliance with the ADA and take appropriate steps to rectify any institutional deficiencies.

This website was compiled as a guide for students with disabilities throughout their career at TCI.  It contains information about policies, registration and scheduling procedures, student confidentiality matters, services and persons to contact in specific situations.

TCI is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to all students, regardless of disability type.  Our hope is that, as you pursue your education, you will use the resources available to you at TCI to make your overall TCI college experience a fulfilling and successful one.

Through the ODS, we facilitate the education of students who have disabilities by coordinating a variety of services that support the unique academic needs of permanently and temporarily disabled students.  If you encounter difficulties obtaining academic adjustments in a particular course, please contact the ODS for assistance.  The ODS will gladly partner with you and your instructor to develop an appropriate solution.

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