Our team of admissions advisors is here to work with potential students to determine what career path is right for them, and whether TCI is the right college to help them achieve their educational goals. Our team is led by outstanding and seasoned admissions directors as well as a Vice President of Admissions who knows what it means to go above and beyond for success. 

"To whom this may concern,
First person I met when I walked into TCI College was Kenny Perello. I immediately felt comfortable and happy being around him due to his positive attitude and  strong strive to archive nothing but the best in this world . He always encouraged me to work my hardest and that no obstacle is to big to over come in life . As time went on I looked up to Kenny more than as my advisor but as my father figure. He has never failed to keep me in mind when it came to my studies and my well being . I graduated from TCI April 2012 and still till this day I get phone calls every other week from Kenny asking How I'm doing and how are my studies going at Metropolitan College.  Truly admire Kenny for being the kind hearted person he has shown me he is with me and all of his students who sign up in TCI college." - S. Gomes, TCI Graduate

With 14 programs of study and an excellent ESL program, TCI is here to serve a wide variety of students.  TCI also cater's to students looking to transfer credits from another instruction as well as veterans, foreign / international students and High School Graduates.


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