Dr. Victor Brown, Dean of Engineering and Facilities Technology, Featured in Be Inspired Magazine

When leaders of a team are inspirational, then chances are higher for everyone to reach new heights.

Administrator and Dean of Engineering and Facilities Technology at TCI College, Dr. Victor Mark Demetrius Brown is an example of a great leader. Dr. Brown, who came from a background of hardships, learned to be not only a survivor but also a thriving individual who has mapped out and navigated his own success.  Dr. Brown has shared his tips to prepare for success


First of all, credit goes to the Dr. Brown’s mother for her dedication and nurturing her children. Hope led the way and paved the path for Dr. Brown to travel and attend colleges in Jamaica, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Secondly, credit also goes to Dr. Brown for being dedicated to his goals. Recently, Dr. Brown’s story was featured in Be Inspired Magazine* highlighting Dr. Brown’s success and his influence in society.

255175_4943877762836_876711807_nThe founder of the publication, Arlene Summers, “met Dr. Brown while attending the Caribbean and African Faith Based Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.” She says that Dr. Brown “candidly shared how his mother emphasized education knowing that she didn't have an inheritance for her children. I imagined how humbling and courageous Dr. Brown's mom had to be to say that to her offspring, and how Dr. Brown used the power of knowledge to walk through the path that his mother envisioned as a reward for obtaining such knowledge. The reward that Dr. Brown received from maximizing his knowledge is something can empower anyone; not only academically, but also financially, relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. Dr. Brown's story is an example of what happens when we do something as if failure is not an option.”

No doubt, ups and downs are part of life and fluctuations may wash up from the shore. Those personalities and beautiful minds like Dr. Brown are the ones that always get up after being knocked down, striving for the next opportunity. By never giving up, you understand that you always have to dig more and more to get the gold. Likewise, Dr. Brown has exerted every effort to develop himself and train the next generation of leaders to meet their highest potential.

If you are afraid of failure or just want to find out more about Dr. Brown’s motivational story, click here to read the article in Be Inspired Magazine, and also check out tips for success from Dr. Brown. Take advantage of your own passion and begin mapping your own destiny! 

*Be Inspired Magazine is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories by utilizing the power of the digital age to multiply and express acts of generosity, beauty and kindness; and enable individuals to drive past hard times with courage and determination. Our stories celebrate the role of change-makers in communities around us. With testimonials, and resources, those who are engaged are becoming empowered by transforming their dreams into a reality; thus creating a better environment for you, those around you, and for future generations to come.

Fast Facts about TCI College

  • Founded in 1909 by Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi
  • Accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Ranked among the top three engineering-related two-year degree colleges by Community College Week
  • Small average class size (20 students) allows hands-on learning
  • 94% of TCI College students received financial aid assistance
  • Students hail from more than 80 different countries
  • Conveniently located across from Penn Station
  • Lifetime use of Center for Career & Professional Development
  • Access to Student Support Services