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Can hybrid learning work for you?

Timing is everything. It’s a phrase that rings true when it comes to getting a college degree. Especially because it’s not just about finding the time – it’s about finding the RIGHT time to be able to truly focus and study. TCI’s hybrid learning classes help students make the most out of their hectic schedules.

Hybrid learning classes are a combination of classroom time and Internet assignments. In the first week of the semester, students start by meeting in the classroom, the next week is done entirely online.  This rotating schedule of at-home work and regular classes continues for the rest of the semester.

“During the online week, the student must do an online activity – watch a video, participate in student discussion or complete an assignment online,” saysGray Harriman, TCI College Dean of Online Learning. “They can do this at whatever time works best for them – just as long as it’s done before Sunday night. Whether you are person who works best early in the morning or you’re a night owl and would prefer to work at 3 a.m., it doesn’t matter. You pick the time that works for you.”

For students balancing work, family and school, the flexibility of hybrid learning classes is an attractive feature.   Online classwork also opens up the door to thoughtful conversations and the ability to research a particular topic.

“Sometimes the discussions online can be very powerful,” says Harriman. “When you’re online you get more time to think about your answer, as opposed to a class setting.  You have the opportunity to go on the Internet and do some research before responding. It creates a much deeper discussion than if you have only a few seconds to think about it.”

If you’re considering hybrid classes for next semester, here are a few common questions:

Can I use a smartphone?

You can, says Harriman, but it’s probably better to work from a computer.

“A smartphone is great for checking on a discussion but if you have blueprints or other work you need to open, a computer would probably work best,” says Harriman.

Do I have to take a hybrid learning class?

Hybrid learning classes are not a requirement. Not every class is offered with the hybrid learning curriculum. For example, courses that teach specific hands-on skills such as HVAC may be better taught in a classroom lab setting. But if you have the opportunity to select a hybrid class, Harriman suggests giving it a shot.

“My advice is to try it at least once,” says Harriman. “This is the way the world is moving.  A lot of employers require employees to complete training online. Even if you don’t feel it’s the right fit for you, it’s valuable to know the concept behind it.”

With TCI offering close to 50 different hybrid learning classes, practically every student will get the opportunity to try it out. If you want to learn more about hybrid learning classes and how it could work for you, contact us here

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