TCI: Helping Me Make a Difference

Walter Donnel Jones; Assistant to the Director of Career Services TCI

Right now, you have the power to make an impact on your world and the people around you. You can make a difference.

My experiences at TCI have opened my eyes to the power I have within myself, to the person I am and to where I want to go.

I have taken the long road to get to this point. I’ve gone through difficult times where people doubted my character, but I tried never to doubt myself. As I pulled myself back up from the depths, I found myself called to help others along the way. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a counselor, to help others make their own journeys.

I was able to get a job as a counselor, but I didn’t have a degree. While I knew the basic methods of counseling, I lacked knowledge on the theory of where these methods came from.

TCI has given me that knowledge and much more. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities before me. While I learned the basics of my field, I also discovered how I could go much further than I ever dreamed possible.

After I completed my studies in Human Services at TCI in August 2010, I started working toward my Bachelor’s Degree from Metropolitan College of New York.

My Bachelor Studies are like a continuation from the methodologies I learned at TCI. I realize now that the education I received at TCI was an outstanding foundation that made the transition to Metropolitan much easier.

The study habits and positive attitude I learned at TCI has not only helped me at Metropolitan, it has helped my classmates as well. I have other students tell me, “If you weren’t here, I probably wouldn’t have made it this far.” I find myself in a position to help other students and offer them support.

My connection to TCI continues today. I am employed as the Assistant to the Director of Career Services. In that position, I get the opportunity to speak to students and encourage them on their way.

I enjoy working with young people, because I believe my experiences can be an inspiration to them. I know how it feels to taste failure. I know how it feels to have those around you doubt your character. But I also know how it feels to get back up and move forward into a bright future, helping others along the way.

I tell students, “Your journey will be different from mine. You have to find your own way, your own niche. With time at TCI, you’ll know specifically what you want to target and where you want to go.”

I know that I can’t help everyone, but I also have the immense satisfaction of knowing I have helped a few students on their journey. I may never know the true value of what I have done, as this is difficult to measure. But I know in my heart that I’ve made a real difference in some people’s lives.

Through my difficult times, I resolved that I wanted to pursue an education to improve myself. But more than that, I wanted my name to mean something. TCI has helped me accomplish that goal.

Today I’m proud of how far I’ve come. If anyone ever had any doubts about me, to them I stand up and say, “THIS is who I am.” Let them look at me now – and in the bright future to come.

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