Luis Valcarcel (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Internship Site: Trane

When I heard about the internship program at career services, I saw an opportunity to gain experience in the HVAC field by working alongside professionals.  The coordinators at career services were very friendly and supportive, which made being in the program not only a beneficial experience, but also a pleasant one. They were able to find me an internship with Trane, which is a worldwide manufacturer of commercial and industrial HVAC products and parts. At the internship site, I was able to work side-by-side with professional technicians on service calls and trouble shoot different types of HVAC units (e.g. centrifugal chillers, air handlers, roof top units, split units and cooling towers). As an up-and-coming HVAC technician, having hands on experience is very important to have, and I was able to gain plenty of it. Also, as a student I was able gain a better understanding of what I was learning in the classroom by putting it together with what I saw out working in the field. Being a part of this internship program has given me a bigger edge on my career path and provided me with the tools I need to work out on the field. I am currently still an intern at Trane for a second semester and am looking forward to joining their team after I graduate in December 2012.

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