James Morgan (Networking Technology - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: Teach for America

I applied to the Cooperative Internship Program because the value of on the job experience is tremendous. I knew a degree from TCI College would look great on my resume, but experience carries more weight. My experience at Teach for America was great. The employees were very friendly and eager to teach. Even though I was only an intern they made me feel like I was part of the team. My manager was instrumental in my development and did a great job of teaching me the necessary skills needed to succeed in the corporate IT environment. During my internship I learned how their network works, how to hook up patch panels panel, repair laptops, do troubleshooting on hardware and software, how to configure applications, Blackberrys and air cards, and learned how to configure Cisco’s VOIP phones. I worked extremely hard during my internship and half way through they offered to cancel my internship and give me a temporary paid position through November. Six weeks into that I was offered a full-time position with a great starting salary, 4-weeks vacation and great benefits. The Cooperative Internship Program opened the door for me to a great job and endless opportunity. I would highly recommend it to all students.

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