Internship Success Stories

James Morgan (Networking Technology - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: Teach for America

I applied to the TCI Internship Program because the value of on the job experience is tremendous. I knew a degree from TCI College would look great on my resume, but experience carries more weight. My experience at Teach for America was great. The employees were very friendly and eager to teach.


Vaughn Robinson (Paralegal Studies - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: Law Office of Andrew Spinnell

As someone who has learned one trade already and practiced it for 15 years, I know there is a difference between academics and employment. That is why I wanted to participate in the TCI Internship Program and by participating I was able to apply classroom knowledge. I was also able to work on my social skills on the job. 


Anthony Bernabel (Networking Technology - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: The Switch

I applied to TCI’s Internship Program to give myself an advantage in today’s competitive job market. There are many people with my set of skills that are in the position I was once in before I applied to this program. Some are fortunate to find work in the field they are looking for and others are not. I wanted an opportunity to show the employer that I would be working with that I could prove to be a valuable asset to their company, even if I was just an intern.


Sabryia Reese (Information Technology - April 2012 Graduate)

Internship Site: VizRT

I interned for a company called "VizRT" during the Spring 2012 semester. VizRT is a worldwide manufacturer of the software used by almost every TV station to display their graphics. If it was not for the internship program helping me to not only construct my resume, but also perfect my interviewing skills and send out my resume to this company, I may have never had a chance to experience what I have thus far.


Bukadiri K. Trawally (Industrial Electronics Technology –  Computer Track)

Internship Site: 163rd Street Improvement Council

My internship at the 163rd Street Improvement Council was very educational and exciting. The company’s main objective was to help provide affordable housing throughout the South Bronx. Even though their objective was completely in contrast with my area of study, I came to realize that housing corporations also need someone to maintain and regularly ensure the stability of their computer network.


Luis Valcarcel (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Internship Site: Trane

When I heard about the internship program at career services, I saw an opportunity to gain experience in the HVAC field by working alongside professionals.  The coordinators at career services were very friendly and supportive, which made being in the program not only a beneficial experience, but also a pleasant one. 


Chris Braxton (Industrial Electronics Technology  – Railway)

Internship Site: Long Island Railroad

By taking advantage of the TCI Internship Program that is provided by the Career Services at TCI, I was able to get hands on feel for what the Long Island Rail Road is all about. I am working towards a degree in Railway Electronics System, which entails all facets of our transit system, from the traction motors to the doors and points in between.


Alex Richardson (Business Administration Management)

Internship Site: Community Newspaper Group

At Community Newspaper Group my experience was very positive and unique. I was able to have a lot of hands on work, the employees were very friendly and the atmosphere was great! Everyone was very laid back and always willing to help out. My coordinators were easy going and very patient with me. I learned how to use the actual program they use on a daily basis to operate the business.


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