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TCI College of Technology Teachout

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As of September 5, 2017

Why is the school closing?

Declining enrollments have negatively impacted finances, and the institution’s ability to operate.   TCI College of Technology no longer has the financial resources to sustain the college beyond the end of the summer term.

What is the school’s last day?

The last day of classes was August 18, 2017. 

What happens to me?

You will be part of what is called a “teach-out” process.  A teach-out is the gradual discontinuation of operations that leads to the closure of an institution.  Students who have not graduated from TCI at the end of the summer 2017 term, will be transitioned to other local colleges/universities who offer similar academic programs.

What schools can I go to and how can I contact them?

The TCI administration has contacted local colleges and universities that have similar programs. Attached is a list of local colleges and universities and the academic programs they offer. The FAQs and the list will also be available on the TCI website.

Some of the Institutions have signed teach-out agreements.

What is a teach-out agreement?

A teach-out agreement is specifically written only in those cases where a school is closing and the partner institution wants to assist by accepting the students from the school that is closing.  In these agreements, the partners agree to a number of things, including, but not limited to, keeping the tuition the same and accepting as many credits as possible (based on the degree to which the TCI courses match their program courses). At this time, the schools that have signed or will sign a teach-out agreement are: Monroe College, Metropolitan College, Plaza College, Long Island Business Institute, College of Westchester, Touro College, New York Automotive and Diesel Institute and Mildred Elley. 

There may be other schools signing agreements in the near future.  Please ask the school if they have a teach-out agreement with TCI when you go to register.

Will my credits transfer?

TCI has articulation agreements with several of the local colleges and universities on the list (designated with an asterisk). This designation means that those colleges and universities have evaluated TCI’s program against their institution’s program requirements. In most cases, they accept all of your credits based on the match in program requirements.  You can also enroll in their baccalaureate program and work toward that degree.

For those institutions where TCI has no articulation, the number of credits accepted are dependent on the receiving institution.

If a school has both an articulation and a teach-out agreement they are in the best position to accept TCI transfer students.

Who do I contact at the schools?

Attached is a list of schools that have comparable programs.  We have provided contact information, where available.  In addition, Monroe College, Metropolitan College and PLAZA College have provided the following:

Metropolitan College
Manhattan: 60 West Street, NY, NY 10006
Bronx: 463 East 149th Street, Bronx, NY 10455
Phone: 646-237-8629 (direct line for TCI students)
Email: (direct for TCI students)

Monroe College
Contact: Emerson Phillips, Director of Admissions (646) 393-8464
Monroe College will host special information sessions for TCI students on Wednesday and Thursday (September 6th and 7th) at 10:00 am and 5:30 pm.
King Hall, 2501 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York 10468

Plaza College
Plaza College will be providing transfer counseling to students that are enrolled in one of the following programs: Accounting Systems Technology, Business Administration, Health Information Technology, and Paralegal Studies.  To begin the enrollment process, students should visit to download the TCI Transfer Application. Once you have completed your application, please call the Admissions Department at 718-505-4188 to schedule an appointment to tour the campus, submit your application, and meet with the Transfer Teach-Out team.  When contacting Admissions, please clearly identify yourself as a TCI Transfer Student.  Appointments will begin on September 5th at 11:00 a.m. Please contact Charles Callahan IV, COO at or 718-505-4188 with any questions.

The summer semester was my last semester, after which I was supposed to graduate.  Will I still graduate?

As long as you pass all of your courses you will be coded as a graduate from TCI College.  The College will mail your diploma to the address on file, so please be sure that we have the correct contact information for you.

Where do I get my official transcript?

Metropolitan College will be providing TCI College official transcripts, upon request.  Beginning Thursday, September 7th you may contact:

Metropolitan College: Ms. Noreen Smith, Registrar;

We also plan to move electronic and physical student records to one central location. Students will be notified of those arrangement when it becomes available.

Who will assist TCI's veteran students?

We will support the student veterans in their transition to other institutions, especially as it relates to financial aid issues, the NY State Office of Veteran's Affairs, etc. Please contact Christine Chen; if you need assistance.

How will this teach-out affect my ability to get a job upon graduation?

This teach-out will not affect your ability to get a job. Employers that work with TCI have been notified about the closure. When you enroll at a new institution, you will receive job search assistance at the new college/university.

Will TCI forgive students with balances?

Students who have balances will be responsible to pay them to a third party, working on behalf of TCI.  However, students with debt will still receive a TCI transcript. These transcripts will be available at Metropolitan College (Ms. Noreen Smith;

If I am eligible to receive a stipend check, where do I go and when can I expect a check?

Stipend checks will be processed as soon as the College receives students' award payments from the State, federal government, and other sources.  Students eligible to receive stipend checks due to summer/spring tap grants, will receive the checks in the mail and an email reminder. Note that the funds will not be available until early October. In addition, students can access their financial aid information on the student portal of CampusVue.

When I look at the list of schools that I can transfer to, I notice that they offer different types of associate degrees.  What is the difference?

There are various types of degrees depending on the number of liberal arts courses in each program.  Below is a more detailed explanation.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

TCI has created a special email account.  Please email your questions to and we will respond as quickly as possible.