Faculty Spotlight

Professor Joseph Cunningham wrote an interesting electrical engineering history co-authored an article with John Sprague, grandson of Frank Sprague, the "Father" of Electric Railroads on the work of FJ Sprague and the Electrification of Grand Central Terminal, the present building of which celebrates its centennial on 02-02-13. The article appears in the January/February Edition of the IEEE Power and Energy Society Magazine.

Previous publications include an article on Architect of Power: Thomas E. Murray & New York’s Electrical System. It is in the current March/April 2012 Edition of the IEEE Power and Energy Society Magazine. It is very insightful in the electrical engineering history of New York City.


Furthermore, Professor Cunningham wrote an article in the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of the same magazine on the Howard Street Tunnel Electrification of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad – the world’s first mainline railroad electrification.

That article sparked significant interest amongst members of IEEE that resulted in the designation of that achievement as an engineering “Milestone” by IEEE. Also, his story was selected for the inclusion in the Hays T. Watkins Research Library at the B & O Museum (an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute). Professor Cunningham will be the official Keynote Speaker at the formal designation in June of this year.

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