A lifetime of career services can be yours.

At TCI College, we do all we can to help you achieve your career goals. In fact, our Center for Career and Professional Development focuses on doing just that—offering a lifetime of career services including one-on-one advisement, career seminars, résumé help, career fairs, mock interviews and referrals to employers TCI has relationships with.

Available to all TCI students and graduates, we encourage our students to take advantage of our programs and services.

  • Résumé Referrals: The Center for Career and Professional Development develops and maintains relationships with employers interested in hiring TCI graduates. To be considered, graduates must complete all Career Seminars and submit an approved résumé to their Center for Career and Professional Development Specialist. Your résumé will be kept on file and sent to employers seeking candidates.
  • Career Fairs: Eligible students and alumni may attend Career Fairs that are held at major venues like New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania, conveniently located near TCI College. All participants must have completed the Career Seminars, met with their Center for Career and Professional Development Specialist and have an approved résumé on file.
  • Career Advisement: At TCI, the Center for Career and Professional Development is here to help. We’ll meet with any student individually and discuss any questions they may have regarding services or programs offered by the Center. Walk-in service may be possible depending on staff availability, but appointments are preferred. Graduating students are encouraged to meet with their Specialist prior to completing their last semester (or sooner).
  • Mock Interviews: Conducted like a real interview by a Center for Career and Professional Development staff member using an authentic job posting, mock interviews are available to students looking to practice their interviewing skills. The student is expected to make an appointment, dress professionally and bring a copy of his/her résumé to the “interview.” The student then receives detailed feedback on his/her interviewing skills—including ways to improve them.
  • Résumé Lab: Monitored by a Center for Career and Professional Development staff member, this walk-in lab in Room 300 is designed to help TCI College students develop their résumé. Students may also schedule an appointment to review their résumé with a Center Specialist.
  • Internship Program: This program is designed to teach students how to put classroom theory into real-world practice through on-the-job work experience. Make an appointment with the Center for Career and Professional Development to learn how you can get started with your internship search. Do it now: Waiting until your last semester to begin your search can make it difficult to obtain an internship. Students are encouraged to seek and identify internship opportunities regardless of their participation with the Center.
  • Seminars and Workshops: Throughout the semester, we hold a variety of different workshops are available on such topics as résumé, cover letter and thank you letter writing; job search strategies; internship/volunteer discussion; dressing for success; interviewing techniques; on-the-job success tips; Career Fair strategies; employment trends; continuing education options and special industry-focused presentations.

Put our Career Services to work for your future right now. Stop by the Center for Career and Professional Development in Room 300 to find out how.