Cooperative Education Program FAQs – Students

Q. Who can apply to the Co-op Program?

A. Students must meet the following requirements, with no exceptions. To apply you must have:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (maintained throughout the student’s tenure at TCI).
  • Completed one semester at TCI having completed a minimum of 12 credits OR have at least 1 semester remaining until your graduation date

·        Note: The internship program does not work with students in the following majors:

  • OPT
  • AUTO


Q. How do I apply to the Co-op Program?

A. All students meeting the qualification criteria are invited to apply. You may pick up your application at the Department of Career Services: 320 West 31st St., Room 300. Please speak directly with: Kate Rothaus, the Program Manager.


Q. What are my chances of getting into the program and/or getting an internship?

A. The Co-op program receives a high volume of applications, and selection is very competitive. Multiple factors are considered in choosing students for the program.

 Please note: acceptance into the internship program does not guarantee an internship.


Q. Are internships paid?

A. We tell all students to expect an unpaid internship. Though there are paid internship opportunities, these are less common and should be considered a rare bonus on top of the valuable experiences to be gained.


Q. When will my internship take place?

A. Your internship will normally begin the semester after you are accepted into the program.


Q. How long will my internship last?

A. Typically an internship will last the duration of a semester (approximately 4 months) depending on when you are hired by an employer. It is possible to do a two semester-long internship, should you and the employer desire to continue working together.


Q. How many hours per week must I work at my internship?

A. All Co-op Program participants are required to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week at their internship. We encourage students to work at least 15 hours if their schedule allows it, in order to maximize their experience.


Q. Can I take the internship class for credit?

A. Yes, on condition that you are accepted to an internship by an employer before the add/drop date for the semester of your internship. Students must then complete the paperwork to add the Internship Class, and drop the specified class within their major according to the TCI Catalog.


Q. Does the 10-15 hour minimum only apply if I am doing the internship for credit, or is it mandatory regardless of credit?

A. All program participants, regardless of receiving credit must work at least 10-15 hours at their internship. This is to provide maximum benefit to both the student and the employer.


Q. Can I participate in the Co-op program if I already have an internship lined up?

A. Yes, it is possible for you to enter the Co-op program having already secured an internship, but you must still follow the normal application process. Having an internship prior to program participation does not guarantee your selection for the program. If chosen for the program, students must provide their employer’s contact information so that a formal relationship can be created with the program.

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