Chris Braxton (Industrial Electronics Technology – Railway)

Internship Site: Long Island Railroad

By taking advantage of the Cooperative Education Internship that is provided by the Career Services at TCI, I was able to get hands on feel for what the Long Island Rail Road is all about. I am working towards a degree in Railway Electronics System, which entails all facets of our transit system, from the traction motors to the doors and points in between.  The internship program gave me the opportunity to work with the LIRR and see what the average passengers don’t get to view. Some of the highlights were definitely walking along the rails, riding test trains, visiting central control, and attending management meetings. The Career Service counselors show attention to detail to your resume and work on your professionalism. They exert a lot of effort to elevate your potential in getting that internship or possible job prospect you are applying to. My overall experience helped me receive and A for many of my classes I took during that semester and a foot in the door with the Long Island Rail Road.

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