Bukadiri K. Trawally (Industrial Electronics Technology – Computer Track)

Internship Site: 163rd Street Improvement Council

My internship at the 163rd Street Improvement Council was very educational and exciting. The company’s main objective was to help provide affordable housing throughout the South Bronx. Even though their objective was completely in contrast with my area of study, I came to realize that housing corporations also need someone to maintain and regularly ensure the stability of their computer network. After spending a couple of weeks with them, it was my greatest surprise to find out that the owner of the corporation had been in the technical industry for many years, and was more than happy to guide me through the whole process. She was one of the most attentive people that I had ever met. We would sit down in her office to exchange ideas about specific computer problems, which included infrastructure, active directory, support and remote access, and hardware. I was surprised to see she had so much interest in what I had to say!

I learned so much during the four months of my internship. Troubleshooting workstation computers was great experience, since no two computers ever had the same problem. During my time there I also learned and performed software upgrades, DVR setups, network configurations, and data extraction. One of the most exciting projects I worked on was setting up a system to remotely access a DVR camera from a cellphone and creating a Virtual Private Network.

The outcome of what I had experienced is too great to put in plain words. She received job postings from many of her contacts, which she promised to share with me as she receives them. In addition to all that, she even offered to hire me herself when I was ready to enter the work force after my studies. I am able to say with great delight that the experience was fruitful, and it was the best thing to ever occur during my time in college!

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