TCI College Welcomes Transfer Students

Ready to continue on your path to career success? Transfer to TCI College in New York City. With 13 degree and certificate programs in today’s in-demand fields, you’re sure to find the career—and future—you’re searching for.

At TCI, you can obtain credit or an exemption based on your:

  • Previous education at an accredited institution.
  • Military experience.
  • Examination.
  • Certification or work experience.

Evaluation of these transfer credits and/or exemption exams is done by the Registrar’s office in collaboration with the Academic Dean and/or Chair of the program.

How to Apply for Transfer Credit

  • From an accredited post-secondary institution: Indicate your desire to transfer credits on the Application for Admission. Transfer credits will be evaluated when we receive your previous college transcripts. To speed up the evaluation process, we strongly recommend you bring official transcripts to your first meeting with a TCI admissions representative.
  • If you’re unable to obtain transcripts: TCI College will obtain official transcripts for new applicants educated in the United States, provided you complete the College Transcript Request form in the Office of Credentials Verification and Assessment. However, this process will delay the evaluation process and transfer of credits.
  • From a school outside the United States: Provide official academic records and course descriptions (translated into English, when necessary), which will be evaluated by World Education Service, an approved credential evaluation service, for U.S. College Equivalency.
  • From military service: Request your military transcript online. TCI College can then quickly access the transcripts directly.

Transfer credit will not be approved or posted to your academic record until official transcripts are received. If there is a question regarding transferability, a course description and/or syllabus will be obtained to assist the with evaluation process. In some cases, the College Source, an online database of digital college catalogs, may also be referred to. Students are encouraged to complete the transfer credit evaluation process prior to registration to avoid scheduling, course sequencing and financial aid issues.

How Many Credits You’ll Receive

Courses considered for transfer credit are those in which you received a grade of C or higher and taken within the following timeframes:

  • Social Science/Humanities: 10 years
  • Math/Science: 5 years
  • Technology: 5 years

Exceptions to these guidelines will be made by the divisional dean or chairperson. For example, it is our policy that students who earned a C or higher in an English composition and/or college math course from an accredited institution may be exempt from the remedial course requirement. However, if the student took the English composition or math course more than five years ago, but scores high enough on the Accuplacer exam to be placed in a credit-bearing math or English course, we’ll accept the transfer.

Graduating from TCI College

To earn a TCI College degree of certificate, transfer students must satisfactorily complete at least 25 percent of their selected program (including the final semester) at TCI. This requirement also applies to students pursuing cooperative education programs that have been arranged between TCI and employers.

Continue on your path to success. Apply now. Want to know more first? Request informationNo high school diploma? We have an option for you. Complete your high school education while you get your degree with our Career Pathways Program.