Admissions: The Next Step Towards Success at TCI College

At TCI College, we recognize that everyone’s individual situation is unique and so are their steps to success. That’s why we offer admission opportunities to suit every need. From full-time and part-time to evening and non-matriculated students, everyone can get what they need to succeed at TCI College.

Prospective students seeking admission should possess one of the following:

  • A high school diploma from a U.S. secondary school or an equivalent credential from a former country.
  • A General Education Development (GED) diploma.

No high school diploma? Complete your high school education while you get your degree in our Career Pathways program.

Admission and Academic Placement

Admission to TCI College and placement in first semester courses is primarily based on examinations administered by the office of credentials verification and assessment. Previous educational experience and an interview with the office of student affairs may also be considered.

Exam scores will determine if you must first attend college preparatory or supplemented courses in English, English as a Second Language (ESL) or mathematics. Preparatory and supplemented courses require additional hours of instruction to help ensure your success, and may affect how long it takes to complete your program of study.

Part-time Admissions

Students registering for fewer than 12 credits/preparatory hours in a semester are considered part-time students. Admission requirements are the same for part-time and full-time students; however, financial aid opportunities differ significantly. Prior to enrolling, part-time students interested in their financial aid eligibility should consult the student financial services office in room 139 of the main building.

Evening Attendance

TCI College offers a comprehensive selection of evening classes for students who wish to complete their degree outside of typical class hours. Traditional TCI College degree programs exceed sixty credits, so choosing to attend evening classes with fewer class hours may require more than four semesters to complete degree requirements.

Non-Matriculation Policy

At TCI College, students not seeking a degree or certificate and instead attending for personal enrichment and fulfillment can enter on a non-matriculated basis and register for individual courses. Non-matriculated students must provide evidence of high school graduation or its equivalent. Prospective students will be assessed to ensure prerequisites have been satisfied via an interview with the divisional dean or chairperson (may be waived for students enrolled in non-degree programs). Course completion will be certified via an official transcript.

Students seeking to transition into a degree or certificate program may be eligible to apply completed non-matriculated credits toward a credential. If a non-matriculated student decides at a later date to matriculate, he/she must satisfy all admissions requirements. Federal or state financial aid is not available for non-matriculated students.

Class Schedules

The scheduling of course offerings is subject to change based on student enrollment. Some major-specific classes will be scheduled for evening and Saturday sessions only—others may meet between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Classes may also be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. To confirm course offerings, visit the registrar’s office at the time of registration.

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