Alex Richardson (Business Administration Management)

Internship Site: Community Newspaper Group

At Community Newspaper Group my experience was very positive and unique. I was able to have a lot of hands on work, the employees were very friendly and the atmosphere was great! Everyone was very laid back and always willing to help out. My coordinators were easy going and very patient with me. I learned how to use the actual program they use on a daily basis to operate the business. It gave me a deeper understanding of how the company worked. I was also able to partake in various tasks that directly affected the company. I learned about the financial flow and more. I was also able to do some customer service work where I answered calls and directed them to sales reps and others. It helped me become more comfortable dealing with people on the phone in a professional manner.

After the program I was not offered a job, but I was told if I were to apply, the director would hire me as tech support, as I excelled in usage of the computer and adapted very quickly. The director also told me that I may use her as a reference in my future job search. Overall, I gained real work experience in a great setting. I was able to experience just about everything that department handled. I developed more confidence and great problem solving skills. It was not too hard for me to adjust to, but once I did, I broke my boundaries and attained great values I can use for the rest of my life.

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