Dr. George Santiago, Jr. TCI President and CEOTCI College of Technology is a learning community, and as such, cherishes its diversity. In a society of learners, differences among people are a source of mutual strength. At TCI College of Technology, interaction among persons from various backgrounds is promoted as a way to increase insight and understanding for everyone.

To strengthen an atmosphere that will encourage mutual dialogue, TCI College of Technology categorically rejects, and will not tolerate behavior that is discriminatory or offensive, by intent or by accident, to women, members of racial, ethnic or religious minorities, and the LGBTQ community.

The experiences of all human beings are unique, and are, to an extent, shaped by their relationships within society. These experiences in turn are embodied in an individual’s thoughts, words, writings and creative efforts – all of which enrich the experience and knowledge base of the whole.

The extent to which a community supports and encourages its heterogeneity is the measure of its commitment to true learning – not the recall of facts, but the synthesis of ideas. It is with this ideal in mind that TCI College of Technology commits itself to all of its body, members of a commonwealth, and sharers of a common purpose.


Dr. George Santiago, Jr.
President and CEO
TCI College of Technology